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Bain Maries buy online at XXLhoreca

For full and complete Bain Marie Islands and buffets you have XXLhoreca to the right place. We have a wide range of professional Bain Marie setups, but also convenient bain marie table models.


Our bain marie catering equipment comes from well-known manufacturers such as Diamond and Bartscher , brands that know how to develop ergonomic bain marie islands to keep the right temperature and tasteful presentation of all kinds of dishes.


A Diamond bain marie island is a stylish and multifunctional presentation buffet that features a robust stainless steel tub and a stylized glass shade. The digital temperature controller allows you to set the tub exactly the right temperature and the overall dimensions of the blade is designed based on the regular GN dimensions.


In addition to these large double boiler buffet setups XXLhoreca features very handy table models can be used within any hospitality environment. The bain maries are completely made of high quality stainless steel and are fitted with an adjustable thermostat and a pilot light. All our products are bain marie within 72 hours available in the Netherlands and are fitted with at least one warranty.

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