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Stainless steel workbench without shelf + Skid | HEAVY DUTY | 800 (b) x700 (d) mm | CHOICE OF 12 WIDTHS

€343,20 €264,00 Excl. tax €319,44 Incl. tax Bespaar €79,20 (23%)
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Article number: PG111087
Availability: In stock
Delivery time: +/- 2 weken
Garantie: 2 jaar on this product
Promotion from:22/11/2017 Untill 28/11/2017

XXLhoreca has a very wide range of stainless steel products such as professional work tables, sinks, wall shelves, workbenches and tool cabinets. SS (or INOX) is the abbreviation of the word commonly used stainless steel, and the correct name is actually stainless steel.

• Fully welded stainless steel worktable with skid bottom center, very sturdy and suitable for HEAVY DUTY use.
• Depth 700 mm.
• Raised backsplash 40 mm (considered later) ensures that there is nothing behind the table (such as water, dirt, etc.).
• Bottom of the sheet is reinforced with a waterproof laminated plate.
• Height 850/900 mm (height adjustable legs), on request, other heights possible.
• Stainless steel legs 40x40x1,2 mm solid profile, square tubing.
• Work tables longer than 2000 mm have been carried out with 6 legs in place of 4.

• The stainless steel bench is suitable for catering, restaurant, catering, slaughterhouses, bakery, as packing table etc.

Easy to move thanks to wheels.
we can possibly assemble wheels for you on almost all steel products. This is ideal for cleaning under / behind the tables and cabinets etc. It is also very useful if you need space if you have heavy spool table or workbench as you drive on the side. You do not have to worry that the material is not solid state, because some of the wheels is always provided with a good brake. So you can easily fix the tables.

Central table or console table
This is a standard central workbench, it means that the front / rear and projecting the tabletop 15 mm. When a wall model table is this 15 mm on the front side and 100 mm at the rear (for cables, connectors etc.). You may request a wall model of this desk.

This stainless steel worktable is standard made of AISI 430, on request we can make this table of AISI 304 (superior quality laboratory, hospital etc, add 15%). XXLhoreca also can make all stainless steel products in thick stainless steel material. For this kind of request, please contact our stainless steel advisors, we can immediately make an offer.

Please contact us for the price of stainless steel products in different width, height and depth measurements. XXLhoreca makes an offer for custom made within 24 hours.

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