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Fire extinguisher MINI - for Home Use - NO DAMAGE! - FORMAT DEO-Bus

€30,00 €20,00 Excl. tax €24,20 Incl. tax Bespaar €10,00 (33%)
Article number: AR-KITCHENEXX
Availability: In stock
Delivery time: 24/48 uur
Garantie: 1 jaar on this product
Promotion from:22/11/2017 Untill 28/11/2017
This small modern fire extinguisher is a must in every household! Due to the very small size of 15 cm tall, the extinguisher is easy to store and always within reach. You can also use the fire extinguisher in the kitchen. The fire extinguisher Kitchen-Exx is provided with a KIWA mark.

  • UNIQUE: This fire extinguisher does not leave behind damage after use !!
  • The fire extinguisher also requires no maintenance!
  • Height: 150 mm
  • Weight: 280 gr
  • Content: 150 ml
  • Pressure (20⁰C): +/- 2 bar
  • How to use: Spray
  • Protection against misuse: cap and seal
  • Extinguishing Range: +/- 4 meters
  • Fire class: F (Extinguishing suitable for putting out very hot oils and fats,
    such as cooking oil)
  • Extinguishing time: +/- 15 sec.
  • Drive method: Elastomer force element
  • Extinguishing angle / position: 360⁰ - can be used from any angle
  • Media: High performance liquid fat extinguisher
  • Biodegradable extinguishing: YES
  • Antifreeze: -30⁰C
  • Storage temperature: -20⁰C to 50⁰C
  • Operating temperature: -20⁰C to 70⁰C
  • Lifetime: 3 years, maintenance free
  • Electronic equipment: Suitable for extinguishing electronic devices up to 1000V (Minimum extinguishing distance of 1 m)
  • Delete: After depositing use in the bin

Why the fire extinguisher?

- Does not use propellants.
Fire extinguishers of Ardexx not use propellants. Because of this they do not cause greenhouse gas emissions and are environmentally friendly.

- Light weight and easy to handle.
Due to the fact that no propellants are used, but use is made of a method in which by implosion, the extinguishing agent is brought to the outside, the outer side of the extinguisher does not have to be made of metal expansion vessel. This makes the extinguishers are very light and easy to handle.

- The extinguishing agent is biodegradable.
Because the extinguishing agent is biodegradable directed it not damage, and it's better for the environment.

- No collateral damage by extinguishing agent.
The extinguishing agent has no negative effects on equipment. Where after using powder extinguishers most electrical devices in the vicinity are fail after contact with the agent, this is not the case with the extinguishers Ardexx. This means that after you put out a kitchen fire can not your electrical equipment (such as your refrigerator, freezer, coffee machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave, etc.) need to throw away after using a Ardexx extinguisher.

- Use from any angle.
The extinguishers may also be used for difficult-to-reach corners. When a conventional fire extinguisher is held upside down, it loses its extinguishing capability because the propellant is thus moved inside the extinguisher. With the innovative implosiemethode of the Ardexx extinguishers, this is not the case and thus can be reached every corner.

- No annual reinspection required.
The extinguishers Ardexx have a lifespan of about three to four years. After this period is simply a new purchase. Annual inspection of the extinguishers are not required which annually saves both time and a lot of money.

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