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TurboChef Oven Band Hhc 2020 | Suitable for 1/1 and 2/3 GN | 400V | Band Length 1219mm, Width 508mm

€15.675,00 €13.300,00 Excl. tax €16.093,00 Incl. tax Bespaar €2.375,00 (15%)
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Article number: TurboChefHhc2020
Availability: In stock
Delivery time: 48 uur
Garantie: 1 jaar on this product
Promotion from:15/11/2017 Untill 21/11/2017
The TurboChef Oven Band is 40% faster than other traditional conveyor (belt) furnaces. Producing 60 pizzas Ø 30 cm. within 1 hour belongs to the possibilities. But chicken, fish and bread are examples of the versatility of the HhC2020. The HhC2020 takes up relatively little space, but offers a high production capacity. This oven is equipped with inpingement technique. Forced hot air that comes from above and below the product. The besturin makes it possible temperature, belt speed and the hot air flows independently programmable.

General Features:

  • Most compact band ovens with a maximum capacity
  • Up to 40% faster than traditional ovens
  • impingement technology
  • Hot air flow above and below depending on set
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotating band
  • placed anywhere
  • No extraction required by optional catalyst
  • Programmable 8 different programs
  • Economical by stationary mode
  • Stackable up to 3 pieces
  • Easy to clean
  • Choice of single or double bond

Perfect for:

Examples cooking times:

  • Fresh pizza (Ø30 cm): 2 min 30 sec
  • Fish fillet (fresh): 1 min 45 sec
  • Shrimps (125): 3 min
  • Chicken wings (24): 4 min
Technical data:
  • Outside Height: 432mm and 330mm feet
  • Outside Width: 1227mm
  • Outside Depth: 762m footprint and 907mm from door
  • Weight: 88,5Kg
  • Height (furnace room): 25mm / 76mm
  • Bandwidth (furnace room):
    Single: 508mm, 50/50: 241mm / 241mm, 70/30: 381mm / 102mm, 65/35: 330mm / 162mm
  • Band Length (furnace room): 1219mm
  • Air Impingement: Above and below adjustable
  • Microwave: -
  • Suitable for metal accessories: YES
  • Suitable for 2/3 GN: YES
  • Suitable for 1/1 GN: YES
  • Stackable: YES to 3 high
  • USB Port: No
  • Wireless Connectivity: No
  • Connection: 3 x 380V (optional 3 x 230V)
  • Connected load: 14.4 A / 20 Amp
  • Fuse protection with automatic 3 x 32 Amp Type C
  • Fuse protection with fuse 3 x 35 Amp slow
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