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XXLhoreca provides professional trays for catering

Useful hospitality trays and trays of XXLhoreca
From a simple polypropylene tray to a more stylish anthracite tray of melamine laminate, XXLhoreca order in a jiffy highly functional and beautifully designed services and serving trays. It may be a detail, but a wine glass still stands firmly on a tray with some extra resistance and serving dishes do you prefer on a tray is not too hot and scratch resistant. Both plastic trays in a uniform color as melamine serving trays with a mixed surface structure can be ordered at XXLhoreca.

Hospitality trays of high-performance plastics go a lot longer
As long as it stays upright and if my staff is just fine with it can from the feet. You would almost think that there is no technique comes into play when designing services and serving trays. The opposite is the case. By the use of high-performance plastics any shape and surface structure can be obtained. Trays must be scratch resistant and not too heavy. It is also necessary trays while serving dishes not conduct heat and if possible is a tray with a firm edge so that crockery and glasses can not simply fall from the blade. Additionally certainly has a tray a representative function and must ensure stability in the hands of your staff. In order XXLhoreca you quickly find the right services and trays for your catering company. With brands such as EMGA you can be sure than each tray meets all requirements and is easy to keep clean. Available in several colors, with special motifs and of course guaranteed.

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