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Convenient plastic storage boxes and GN baking XXLhoreca

Products airtight and fresh store you do with the plastic storage boxes and Gastronorm (GN) baking XXLhoreca. Some plastic stock boxes and GN containers can be supplied with handy lid clips in different colors, according to the HACCP standard for the hospitality industry.

All these products and plastic stock boxes are completely odor-free and are made from high quality plastics. The stock boxes have a durable label for efficient food storage registration.

When packing or storing ingredients in the kitchen, one must have available easy to handle plastic stock boxes. An original Hendi plastic box stock complies with the GN 1/4 for any hospitality environment an effective way to preserve fruit, vegetables, meat and other basic ingredients. On the side of the plastic case is a clear label that you can fill in with a pen. Many gastronorm trays Hendi are precisely designed, according to the latest gastro standards and guidelines. These storage boxes and GN containers are delivered within 48 hours to any address in the Netherlands.  


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