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XXLhoreca provides professional pans for institutions

Sustainable catering pans and woks of XXLhoreca
Whether you are cooking on gas or by induction, catering pans, woks and paella pans XXLhoreca provide durable and functional ease. Made from the highest quality materials and non-stick coatings, designed in stainless steel or enamel, they are all high-quality stretch where you have years of enjoyment. A true professional is not without good cooking and the eating pans and woks are certainly a great asset to the large catering kitchen. For each dish XXLhoreca has the right pans to cook, roast or stir-fried.  

More about Cookware and hospitality worthy pans XXLhoreca
The bottom of a catering pan is perhaps the most important part of the product. By pressure fusion soil is transformed into an indestructible and heat-resistant cooking ground. A good quality catering pan or wok does not rust and offers an optimum heat guidance. A pan made of cast aluminum with stainless steel handle goes for years and is very easy to keep clean. An anti-aanbakcoating of titanium ensures that your catering pan certainly can take a beating, even if you pan a little longer than usual let alone on the fire. In XXLhoreca you find cooking utensils and pans hospitality of the most renowned brands. A paella pan or mussel Hendi is not only durable in use, but also makes for easy preparation in your own professional kitchen or in the smaller kitchen at home. All cooking utensils and catering pans that you order is at least 1 year warranty and can usually within 24 hours will be delivered to you at XXLhoreca.
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