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Cups - Dishes - Plates - Bowls - "GALA"

Fresh and modern porcelain dinnerware GALA of XXLhoreca

With only the words is fresh and modern failed to qualify the GALA tableware line XXLhoreca. This service has a very good quality enamel and is perhaps the most common dishes for catering establishments where functional design and ease of maintenance is paramount. GALA service looks good on any set table and is now available with substantial discounts! Up close you can see all the GALA cup the ear is shaped beautifully. The crockery has little finery and ornaments, looks clean, trendy and highly functional.

Hotel Porcelain XXLhoreca
Porcelain XXLhoreca be purchased from a number of reputable vendors including Hendi and a few other leading China specialists that we have excellent experiences with. We provide consumers and professional hospitality wonderful discounts and significant purchasing benefits as well as 10-year-regional vergara estimates. That means that you can always supplement your porcelain within that time. Our range of stylish porcelain tableware is "modern" to traditional, sustainable and use in all kinds of hospitality environments.

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