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The delicious dishes served on impact resistant melamine tableware from XXLhoreca

At XXLhoreca find melamine tableware such as melamine plates and shells, and beautiful square melamine salad bowls. Melamine is a thermosetting plastic material which is hard after drying.

A major advantage of melamine tableware is it to clean almost unbreakable and very simple. Melamine alone is not as resistant to extreme heat and tableware as to use only good up to a certain temperature (max. 70 degrees) in the oven. The use of melamine tableware is not recommended in microwaves.

As a large supplier to the hospitality industry makes Hendi beautiful melamine dinnerware and accessories. So it belongs square melamine platter to the latest product and you will see the details and the rounding of corners it is thought about the overall design. The melamine tableware XXLhoreca has a beautiful white color and is very suitable for the presentation of all kinds of meats and vegetables against the neutral backdrop of melamine fine contrast.

All melamine products are delivered within 48 hours throughout the Netherlands. At various melamine plates and bowls can now benefit from our fixed discount on the whole stock.


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