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Quality knives and knife accessories XXLhoreca

At XXLhoreca will find a very wide range of knife blades and accessories for the professional kitchen or hobby home kitchen. All our blades are very competitively priced and comes from the best brands such Hendi, Wüsthof and EMGA! Choose from razor-sharp chef's knives, specialty bread knives, Japanese knives, knives plate or complete sets of knives. Our knives are made of high-strength stainless steel and are available in very many variants. Of course you will find in our order several useful tools to keep your stuff well as an easy to handle sharp knife sharpener. The professional chef can of course also come to us for a complete cooks suitcase.

Tool you need to use every day are of the best quality. XXLhoreca is a supplier of professional kitchen knives and all the accessories that go with it. Handy wall magnets to the blades quickly hang example, or special fish knives for filleting. All items within 72 hours at the place of destination and come standard with the maximum manufacturer's warranty.

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