Cutting Boards
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Cutting Boards

Catering Cutting Boards

Hygienic cutting and preparing meat to a cutting board or cutting board XXLhoreca
Are you looking for convenient cutting boards or a meat cutting board which is good to keep clean and will last for years? XXLhoreca delivers several cutting boards and chopping board models for large kitchens in the hospitality industry and for smaller kitchen at home. Even cutting boards that do meet the latest HACCP color classification. We offer a wide range of cutting boards, various colors plastic (high density polyethylene) cutting boards in easily recognizable colors like red and green to very functional wood cutting boards with useful edges so that they are easily clips on to your countertop or work surface.

XXLhoreca for HACCP cutting boards for large catering kitchen
The professional kitchen is customary to encode the hygiene of the hospitality industry. Shades of cutting boards A red cutting board is used for example for cutting and preparing raw meat, blue for seafood, and so on. The intent of this chopping board color classification is to prevent contamination. The Hygiene for the hospitality industry may, however, also work well in your home and in your own kitchen fine. How well you clean your wooden cutting board, yet there will always some residue, so it is sometimes important to use. Multiple cutting boards XXLhoreca offers a wide range of cutting boards in a variety of colors and shapes, with us you order also complete cutting board racks, such as a cutting board polishing plane for cleaning nylon blades. The round cutting boards EMGA are made of HDPE and are a very hygienic surface to cut your dishes.   

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