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Bestek "Blues"

Order your cutlery: cutlery 'Blues' by XXLhoreca

The cutlery 'Blues' fits well within each bar or restaurant, but fits your specifications or with your dishes? This cutlery Blues consists of various items such as mocha spoons, fish knives and many other specialty items. And what can you buy with cutlery all even more XXLhoreca ?

We have an extensive range of high quality cutlery lines and series supplied for a very attractive price throughout the Netherlands.

What do you know about our cutlery Blues? It's made of high quality stainless steel 18/0 for example, and that example, each stainless steel table fork is finely polished. Many cutlery sets are made up of 24 parts. The range of cutlery sets XXLhoreca has a standard composition of the most essential components cutlery: table knives, table forks, table spoons and teaspoons.

Besides the best klijn Blues, you can choose from a variety of different designs. From classic frame with a traditional design (with beautiful round shapes) to modern cutlery with a modern and sleek design of timeless frame that basically consists of neutral designs to fit every service.

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No products found...