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Cutlery sets, table cutlery, kitchen cutlery (stainless steel) of the best brands at XXLhoreca

Whether it's a full set of cutlery, or some loose table knives or forks, in order XXLhoreca you -also all sizes in stainless-steel cutlery brands like Hendi and EMGA. All our table and kitchen cutlery is beautifully designed and offers many years of fun for the professional catering environment and for the smaller kitchen at home. A snail tongs or a set of pastry forks to teaspoons finely detailed, via our webshop you fast all your quality cutlery at home.

Superior materials in XXLhoreca cutlery provide superior quality
You may wonder never thought but there is big difference in quality when it comes to silverware. This mainly depends on the metals used and the curing process where these materials are made to expose and final finishing of metal cutlery. A
Hendi dessertmes or Hendi forks and spoons are made of precious metals with a specific percentage of chromium and nickel. This provides the shine and the good resistance of the frame against corrosion. Important for your great hospitality kitchen is obviously that table knives, forks and other cutlery does not need to be cut or to be renewed continuously. Ideally you do with your cutlery at least 10 to 15 years. XXLhoreca has excellent brands cutlery and table knives in the house that you have to work for years.


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