XXLhoreca provides small equipment of top brands for all catering businesses.

XXLhoreca provides small equipment of top brands for all catering businesses.

XXLhoreca offers small equipment kitchen accessories for the hospitality and home

Small equipment kitchen accessories XXLhoreca almost everything needs to be on gas or electricity, not connected you can think of beautifully designed porcelain for the table, a handy tray and a highly functional cutting board. Small equipment kitchen accessories must, like all other components of the modern kitchen sustainable and above all practical. XXLhoreca offers a wide range of porcelain cups, plates and other table attributes that are both practical and aesthetically have proven at home or in the larger catering kitchen their value.

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Well-known brands like Karizma and Saturn as well as Gala offer stunning porcelain designs. And with the Lionhead soup tureens you put porcelain of the highest quality on the table. XXLhoreca has several premium brands in porcelain house with excellent value for money. And take something like that as a tray. Maybe an attribute to save? In our assortment we have more than 130 types and sizes of trays, made from materials such as stainless steel, polypropylene and plastic. We also offer many types of trays in round, rectangular and oval shape. But there is much more to find small items. Kitchen accessories XXLhoreca For example, consider a cutting board. Praktischer can hardly hear we might think, but a cutting board must be made of durable and preferably scratch resistant material. In XXLhoreca do you find a complete range of high quality cutting boards that still last for a while and that can withstand sharp knives.

Small equipment kitchen accessories within 48 hours at home
See the entire range of small equipment kitchen accessories XXLhoreca and remember that we have an excellent service to quickly provide the accessories you need.

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