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Stainless steel work table

The stainless steel work table is essential for the catering industry. Without a work table, no delicious dishes! When you are looking for new products for your catering, you should take a look at our wide range of stainless steel workbenches of special quality and in various types and sizes. Whichever workbench you choose, they are all clean and easy to keep clean. You have the choice of workbenches with and without landscaping / subordinate. In addition, you can choose from work benches with or without flattening / upstanding rims. Do you prefer tables with sliding doors? Clap doors? Drawers? Or do you prefer a folding table? In the XXL range of XXLhoreca you will find it all!

Stainless steel working table

Which stainless steel work table you choose, at XXLhoreca you are guaranteed furniture made of high quality materials and have a strong scratch-resistant and impact-resistant finish. The stainless steel tables from our range have excellent lifespan and are completely coated with coated steel. The tables are fully customizable. In addition, the feet of the stainless steel table are adjustable in height. There was of course also thought of the tools needed for the work when designing a workbench. To keep everything tidy, the tables are provided with ample interiors.

It can be very useful for your kitchen kitchen to have a work table on wheels . In this way, the layout of the tables and cleaning of the room becomes a lot easier! It is possible to order these individually. If you are looking for a customized workbench, or you have other specific requirements regarding a stainless steel workbench, please contact us by emailing [email protected] . Our team will be happy to help you find the ideal solution or a suitable alternative!

Buy stainless steel work desk at XXLhoreca

Buy a stainless steel work table for your kitchen, hospital or laboratory? At XXLhoreca you will find a wide range of stainless steel workbenches delivered within 48 hours throughout the Netherlands. Check out our range of workbenches and order your products at XXLhoreca!

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