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Stainless steel or INOX sink tables of XXLhoreca - to be delivered in all sizes and sizes

The stainless steel and INOX sink tables of XXLhoreca are made of high quality stainless steel such as AISI 430 stainless steel and AISI 304. This last stainless steel stainless steel is used, for example, in hospitals and other hygiene-sensitive environments. In addition, we offer you complete and professional custom work in stainless steel washbasins. Whether you want an extra high staircase height, allow wheels for easy moving of the table or create a special place for loading blocks, cabinets or floor shelves, at XXLhoreca you have a very large choice in the configuration of stainless steel washbasins. Choose from washbasins with space for a dishwasher , washbasins with bottom cabinet or washbasins with a processing hole for easy disposal of garbage. All our washbasin models come with a minimum of 2 years manufacturer's warranty.


Washbasin order service and customization of XXLhoreca
Based on the dimension you can specify, any configuration of the sink can be assembled in our factory. Additionally, we can always add handy items such as splash edges, extra bottom liners, adjustable feet and wheels. XXLhoreca has many years of experience in setting up catering kitchens and assembling stainless steel sinks. We make and deliver truly everything from superior stainless steel!

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