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The durable stainless steel (INOX) china cabinets and storage cabinets from XXLhoreca

In the professional kitchen hygiene is an essential need. The best way to keep things really clean in the stainless steel (INOX) and crockery cupboards of XXLhoreca. With us you can really everything in stainless steel tailor had made, china cabinets and storage cabinets are certainly no exception. These handy stainless steel storage cabinets on wheels can be put so they are somewhat easy to move. All of our standard stainless steel tableware and storage cabinets come from leading manufacturers such Bartscher and Diamond. Order your stainless steel cupboard on wheels completely customized so you can use every nook in your kitchen efficiently and as desired.

With a cupboard of Bartscher or Diamond cupboard you will get a quality product at home that is set in height (even on uneven floors) and it enjoys convenient sliding doors. Mind you, these stainless steel storage cabinets are heavy, it is not advisable to place these on your own.

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Porcelain Cabinet stainless steel with three wear Shelves - 800x600x2000mm
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