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RVS Horeca Material in all sizes for sale and available very quickly at XXLhoreca!

For stainless steel products for the catering industry, you are at the right place at XXLhoreca! Our stainless steel factory will make all stainless steel products exactly within 2 weeks. The stainless steel that XXLhoreca uses for custom made is of high quality AISI 430 and absolutely suitable for HEAVY DUTY use. The factory charges all products in a professional way, making everything for very professional use and the life span is also very long!

We are VERY SHARP rates for stainless steel products such as stainless steel work tables, workbenches, sinks, Serving or trolleys, and tool cabinets (with swing or sliding doors) etc. tailor.

Our RVS specialists are on hand to advise you and get started right away so you get a quick quote very quickly. We understand that in the huigie era, there is often a hurry in supplying catering equipment. We know that you have received the products more than yesterday today!

Whether you are looking for a stainless steel work table with an understatement or an item, or maybe both, we can deliver it quickly. Also, we can take into account splash edges, upright edge, watering, thickness of stainless steel. But we also sell all tables with sliding doors, folding doors, adjustable legs or locks. From a stainless steel workbench to a sink, or from a stainless steel table cabinet to a stainless steel wallboard. Everything is possible from small to large. Also, stainless steel for hospitals and laboratories can be ordered from us, AISI 304.

Easy to displace thanks to wheels.
On almost all stainless steel products, we can also mount wheels for you. This is ideal for cleaning under / behind the tables and cabinets, etc. Also, it is very convenient if you need space, for example, if you can drive the heavy sink or workbench. You do not have to worry that the material is not firm, because some of the wheels are always provided with a good brake function. This allows you to easily tighten the tables.

Delivery time custom made stainless steel.
Our stainless steel factory is in Europe, so our delivery time is very fast! We usually deliver customize after +/- 2 weeks. One hour in advance, you will receive a call from our driver so that you know we are coming.

Contact our customer service directly and ask for one of our RVS specialists!

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