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The stainless steel chassis of XXLhoreca - Light, functional and durable


XXLhoreca supplies all stainless steel chassis tailored entirely according to your requirements and specifications. Also, if you are looking for a base for a display fridge, oven, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances, we can serve you. The following standard range of stainless steel chassis is characterized by very high-quality materials (including polished stainless steel), a strong and safe construction and attention to detail. In addition to stainless steel chassis, you can also contact course at XXLhoreca racks, cold room setups and all other functional storage racks that are important for your restaurant. Look at the menu item stainless steel for all other steel structures and products.


Some bases should really be customized, such as the chassis Combi-Steamer 7x 600x400mm / 1 / 1GN which is also suitable for oven plates to store. But also by Bartscher-made stainless steel chassis serving a dishwasher is an element that is ideal to operate the dishwasher from a slightly higher position. The stainless steel chassis of XXLhoreca have many applications and within 48 hours to be delivered throughout the Netherlands.

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