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XXLhoreca delivers superior stainless steel kitchen equipment for the catering and home

XXLhoreca offers to clean modern and well-stainless steel kitchen appliances, a complete stainless steel worktable, serving trolleys and sinks. A beautiful wall cabinet in stainless steel order for a reasonable price? To select all stainless steel kitchen appliances, furniture and accessories quickly in the shop of XXLhoreca. We have a wide range of stainless steel kitchen equipment that easily fit in your catering kitchen. Also for the individual who needs something special in stainless steel, we provide numerous quality products.

Superior quality stainless steel kitchen equipment makes your kitchen very functional
Hygiene is important in modern catering kitchen. Good stainless steel kitchen appliances such as worktables, sinks and serving trolleys can certainly help to keep your kitchen clean and functional. Easily removable and highly durable, stainless steel has proven to possess special properties that come true in the hospitality industry in handy. A stainless steel work table of the famous brand Diamond has a fully welded frame and features an insulated surface. On the lower level you can find all sorts of other kitchen accessories lost in this desk. The multi-functional serving trolley from Bartscher has four levels of quality polished stainless steel and rubber casters so that he can easily find his way on every surface. A sink of Bats Cher has a handy niche for the establishment of a dishwasher so that the coil corner in your kitchen can be made complete. All stainless steel kitchen equipment from XXLhoreca is delivered within 48 hours and can be used in your own kitchen. We supply stainless steel appliances and attributes to both wholesale trade and private individuals.

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