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Hot deals on whipped cream machines XXLhoreca!

With modern cream machines XXLhoreca retrieve unsurpassed uitserveer- and whipped cream production in house. This cream machines are suitable for professional ice cream shop and various catering establishments where a lot of whipped cream on the menu every week. All of our cream machines from well-known brands such as Diamond. For example, consider our compact Diamond cream machine with a capacity of 100 liters per hour. This machine has to keep an easy clean stainless steel bowl and a simple operation.

Do you need even higher cream production? Order a whipped cream machine with issuance capacity of 300 liters per hour. This cream machine meets the highest requirements for hygiene and ease of use, a perfect addition to your kitchen. Now available with fixed high XXLhoreca discount of 9%! All of our cream machines are delivered with a minimum of one year warranty.

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