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Beste klant. Ook tijdens het COVID-19 virus blijven wij leveren. Wel moet u rekening houden met een eventuele vertraging door de extra grenscontroles en beperkte beschikbaarheid bij onze bezorgdiensten. Alvast bedankt voor uw begrip.

Hot deals on whipped cream machines XXLhoreca!

With modern cream machines XXLhoreca retrieve unsurpassed uitserveer- and whipped cream production in house. This cream machines are suitable for professional ice cream shop and various catering establishments where a lot of whipped cream on the menu every week. All of our cream machines from well-known brands such as Diamond. For example, consider our compact Diamond cream machine with a capacity of 100 liters per hour. This machine has to keep an easy clean stainless steel bowl and a simple operation.

Do you need even higher cream production? Order a whipped cream machine with issuance capacity of 300 liters per hour. This cream machine meets the highest requirements for hygiene and ease of use, a perfect addition to your kitchen. Now available with fixed high XXLhoreca discount of 9%! All of our cream machines are delivered with a minimum of one year warranty.

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