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Luxury wheeled trolleys, refrigerated display cases and flambeerwagens of XXLhoreca

Easy to move and a very luxurious look, the mobile refrigerated display cabinets, trolleys and flambeerwagens of XXLhoreca come from reputable suppliers such as Diamond and available for restaurateurs, hoteliers and caterers who want to quickly get a full range of dishes on site. Of course, the mobile coolers are based on CN dimensions as is common in the hospitality industry. These mobile cabinets and trolleys are usually made of solid wood and equipped with shatterproof plexiglass and broad base units.

The mobile fish refrigerated display case of Diamond is a good example of a well designed mobile display. To detail has been thought of, including for example the smart collection of melting and condensation. The mobile in fine cherry wood exported flambeerwagen has a very luxurious feel and is equipped with a collapsible zijtablet, a chest of drawers and a tall cabinet for the gas cylinder. Flambéing by location is made very easily in this way. All our mobile flambeerwagens, refrigerated display cabinets and trolleys are supplied with the maximum warranty from the supplier.

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Flambeerwagen Cherry | 2 burners | 4 Wheels 2 With Brake | 980 / 1220x500x800 (h) mm
€1.440,00 €1.230,00
  • Garantie: 1 jaar
  • Delivery time: 2-5 werkdagen