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Horeca refrigerators and coolers to buy online at XXLhoreca.

In the field of refrigeration and refrigerators for the hospitality industry has XXLhoreca everything it can serve to measure. With us you will find refrigerators known suppliers, all of them equipment has enough cooling capacity for your kitchen.

And as befits a true hospitality entrepreneur, you naturally pay attention to the energy efficiency of your refrigerator.

Our complete range of refrigerators is selected on various functional features for the small and large catering area as well as durable and high quality materials.

A Diamond refrigerator of no less than 875 liters is fitted with two glass doors and boasts a payload of more than a thousand cans of soda. But you will find also fridges in XXLhoreca with a capacity of 1200 liters. The temperature of the refrigerator can be measured with the aid of an analog thermometer. Condensed water is rapidly evaporated, leaving behind no moisture in the refrigerator.

In addition to high quality Diamond refrigeration We also have superior refrigerators from Bartscher . All of these refrigerators are already deliver within 48 hours to any address in the Netherlands and are completely CFC free.


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