Buying a Brema ice cube machine online at XXLhoreca?

The best Brema ice cube machines can be ordered online at XXLhoreca

Making ice cubes effortlessly and quickly is the expertise of Brema. Do you have a catering company, hotel or kitchen environment where you need to have ice cream every day? This Italian manufacturer has been producing all kinds of ice maker for the hospitality industry for more than 25 years. The brand has built a solid reputation and that is partly due to the large supply of equipment and the smart energy-efficient technology. All Brema ice cube machines can of course be ordered at XXLhoreca with the maximum supplier guarantee. However, pay attention to the hardness of your water, some Brema models work best on water with a low calcium content.

The smallest Brema ice maker (21 kg per day ) that you can order online at XXLhoreca has a storage bunker for 4 kg of ice. The machine produces beautiful rounded blocks of ice cream of different sizes. The big advantage of this ice maker is its compactness (40 x 40 cm). The device can therefore be set up anywhere and has a strong and detachable ABS casing. The machine simply works on mains power and is ideal for the smaller catering company or hotel bar. Want to know more about this Brema ice maker? Please contact our customer service by calling 075-6151433 or send an email to [email protected] .

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