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Really 'cool' Dipping, order online at XXLhoreca!

Dipping a must cool properly in the first place so it does not ice thaws. In addition, the eye wants something natural, because ice should sell itself with a delicious and also hygienic presentation. The stylish and solid Dipping of XXLhoreca, in which the color combinations of the ice by the sublime LED lights are especially come into their own, will make all ijsliefhebbers impatient. XXL hospitality industry offers a very diverse and wide range Dipping, all our cabinets meet the required specifications for hospitality applications.

Dipping our offer numerous possibilities in presentation and cooling. You can choose from one or more temperature zones at a range of -20 ° C. The cabinets offer 2 up to 28 ice buckets, stock options, wheels and a retractable front window. Virtually all options are conceivable, including with regard to electrical power.

Obviously showcases XXL hospitality are beautifully designed so that the ice is presented in style. Have a look at the retro styled Dipping of Framec with its beautiful round baking or very deluxe version of Oscartielle. See for yourself the queen of the Dipping!

All our Dipping within 72 hours available in the Netherlands, if in stock and are fitted with at least one year warranty.

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