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Great Hospitality cold rooms and freezers of XXLhoreca

At XXLhoreca, order top quality cold and freezer rooms for a very attractive price. All our cold rooms and freezers are made of highly durable materials and have the most modern refrigeration technology.   Choose from full cold or full freezers and buy a refrigerator or freezer to size. Based on the dimensions you provide to us, we can tailor a cold store before you leave fabricate fit perfectly into your kitchen layout. XXLHoreca offers at least one year warranty on the ordered refrigerator or freezer. Call our Customer Service for an initial impression of the sublime and cooling - freezing technique XXLhoreca.  

Order cold rooms and freezers with the corresponding shelving

Besides complete cold stores and freezers, order also good to fit in, at XXLhoreca cold room storage racks that are right for the product you have ordered. Also, if you have ordered a refrigerator custom, we can supply a matching storage rack. Do you need an immediate cold storage or storage rack? Our products are sometimes already available within 24 hours, so on time delivery is absolutely no problem!  

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