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Modern Liebherr freezers of XXLhoreca

Low energy costs per year, ergonomically designed smart and fresh look. The freezers or ijskoelkisten Liebherr have several attractive features and are available with 15% XXLhoreca off the original purchase price. With a crisp white casing and casters are freezers that are easy to move and are suitable for any hospitality or retail interiors. The 513 liter ijsconservator with curved glass lid and lighting features infinitely variable temperature control with a range of + 2 ° C to + 12 ° C and the shutter gives a good view of the refrigerated products exported tempered glass.

Liebherr freezers of XXLhoreca are like other coolers placed in climate classes. The climate classes indicate those minimum and maximum temperatures of the environment, the refrigerator should continue to work properly according to the manufacturer. This is especially important if you are considering to convert the ijsconservator in an unheated space such as an unheated warehouse. The climate class ST indicates for example that the ijsconservator should be in a room with a temperature between 16 and 38 ° C.

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