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Liebherr freezers of XXLhoreca

At XXLhoreca you will find a number of high-freezers from the Liebherr brand with temperature ranges from -14 ° C to -26 ° C. These freezers are characterized by low energy consumption, simple operation and excellent use of various high-grade plastics and precious metals. Our 'top of the line'assortiment Liebherr freezers is frequently used by large catering companies, retailers and other organizations that need something more than the standard home-garden-and-kitchen cabinet. By excellent insulated walls and a fuel-efficient engine cooling are the freezers what are you'll have years of enjoyment.

Besides smaller Liebherr freezers you can of course also choose our super large 600 liter freezer . The technical specifications you will find as the forecasted energy use, a selection criterion on which course you choose from your freezer. XXLhoreca offers 5 year warranty on our Liebherr freezers and receive equal 15% off the purchase price.

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