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Great variety quality refrigeration counters at XXLhoreca


Cool Work Benches XXLhoreca have become part of modern catering kitchen. The combination of a good cooling unit with a high-quality work surface makes basic ingredients, such as vegetables or meat directly from the cooling can be prepared.


In XXLhoreca will find compact 1-door refrigeration counters but also a very large 4-door workbenches. You select on the basis of capacity, instead of the cooling engine, and whether to use a cool bench that has a splash guard.


All our high quality refrigeration counters are made ​​of high quality stainless steel and are used in hotel kitchens, restaurants and many other small and large hospitality environments. A cool workbench with 2 doors of the brand Saro is also designed for the future. This complete cool workbench is made ​​of high-grade precious metal and is provided with a stainless steel sheet. The temperature can be adjusted digitally, and is adjustable to + 2 ° Celsius. This cool workbench features a 35 mm thick insulation layer and is an asset to any kitchen.


Both refrigeration counters, among other Saro but also CaterCool part of our standard stock. All refrigeration counters of XXLhoreca come with a minimum 2 year warranty.


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