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Meat cool and beautiful present? Check the meat coolers of XXLhoreca

XXLhoreca to order modern and high-quality coolers for keeping fresh meat products. Display cases made of high quality steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Our meat coolers are used in many restaurant kitchens to present clear meat or to keep for a long time at temperature of meat. Your advantage at XXLhoreca may incur when purchasing a refrigerated meat for up to 20%. This is because we are bigger parties know to buy from our regular suppliers.

You order our meat coolers including meat ones, hooks and accessories. A good example is the meat display fridge of 550 liters which works fine because of its large capacity within the hospitality industry intensive enterprise. All our meat coolers are from brands such as Diamond, a manufacturer that for years these types of products have successfully marketed. Do you want more information about a specific meat display fridge? Contact Customer Service XXLhoreca.

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