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The excellent refrigerated displays and refrigerators cans of XXLhoreca
Are you looking for a refrigerator for drinks cans to keep the right temperature or looking for a refrigerated display case for keeping temperature of food? In XXLhoreca choose from high quality coolers and refrigerators cans of known brands such as Bartscher and CaterCool. These coolers excel in several parts: high-quality materials, sleek design and cleverly designed and energy-saving LED lighting. All of our cooler cans and refrigerators are standard 1 year warranty. Of course, our employees are always ready for you to explain everything about the technical details of the coolers and refrigeration equipment offered by us.

Cold rooms of XXLhoreca for presentation purposes and functional use
A refrigerated display case lined up in your catering establishment should look as attractive as possible. The smart LED lighting showcases Bartscher example, ensure that all refrigerated display is evenly illuminated. This cooling equipment features convenient automatic defrost, ventilated cooling that food for a long time remain fresh. If you have not enough space for a large refrigerated display case? Then choose cabinets that are somewhat higher. This will at least meet the required capacity for your display fridge. In white color these coolers can be placed well against any background or wall. A mini display fridge of 58 liters of CaterCool has a digital thermostat so you can quickly adjust the temperature. And if you're looking for the most energy-efficient chiller cabinet or refrigerator cans, remember that refrigerated displays with LED lighting and excellent isolation already much more efficient to use than the older coolers. The ability of a display fridge does not say anything about the power consumption to be expected.  

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