XXLhoreca supplies refrigeration equipment and refrigeration equipment.
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XXLhoreca supplies refrigeration equipment and refrigeration equipment.

XXLhoreca for energy-efficient refrigeration and freezers

The energy-efficient refrigeration and freezing equipment XXLhoreca is divided into a number of organized categories. With a handy ice maker example, you put in a relatively short time a large number of cold drinks on the table and a display fridge keeps drinks and cold food long shelf life. Additionally, you can choose from well-known leading brand wine refrigerators and other cooling equipment specific. In XXLhoreca will find well-known brands such as Diamond and Polar, producers who have earned their spurs in the refrigeration technology all along.

More about refrigeration and freezing equipment XXLhoreca
Appliances are increasingly energy-efficient design. A large ice maker Bartscher which you can order from XXLhoreca may have a huge capacity, it is spent on energy. Widely reported by the manufacturer In the production of ice in an ice maker water quality plays a major role, so you'll find this kind of ice machines should descale properly. You will also find in XXLhoreca refrigerated displays of famous brands, showcases that are well insulated and additionally be well lit. Presentation plays a not inconsiderable role. Showcases at And like ice machines, you naturally prefer a refrigerated display that is energy efficient and moreover easy to maintain. XXLhoreca offers numerous products that meet the above requirements. Also, wine refrigerators Diamond example with a nice finish of solid wood, a classic wine fridge with a huge capacity. You can also opt for a more compact wine refrigerator such as CaterCool. View our full range of refrigerators and freezers for the home or in the hospitality and make your choice.

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