XXLhoreca delivers presentation material for the hospitality industry.

XXLhoreca delivers presentation material for the hospitality industry.

Modern and representative presentation material XXLhoreca

In XXLhoreca will find all presentation material such outlets bollards, menus or menu folders and other fine attributes as complete menu closets. As any caterer you think carefully about the presentation of the menu, the reception of the guests and making the case so attractive. A clear and readable menu card or a fine menu cabinet with lighting is sometimes the first thing that customers are facing. For excellent quality and affordable presentation material XXLhoreca the right address for fast service and the most modern presentation attributes and accessories.

Pickets sales, menu and menu cabinet with lights are an invitation for the customer
Just as the entrance of your case off with some nice strings and marketing stakes causes can find customers. Direct you They are usually posted every day and then brought inside and therefore sales bollards should not be too heavy. Marketing posts from the assortment of XXLhoreca are made of high quality precious metals such as chrome and brass, weighted feet for extra stability and attachment points for drawstrings and cords. For additional presentation purposes can be found in our shop a wide range of exclusive menu cabinets and lighting, excellent enclosures to turn. Your menu in the spotlight With convenient LED lighting and a look of painted steel such as in the menu boxes of brand Securit, you also ensure that your menu is to be read in all conditions. The presentation materials and attributes of XXLhoreca for restaurants and hotels are constantly replenished.

You do not find quite what you are looking for or if you have specific questions about the presentation material XXLhoreca? Please contact our catering experts via 075-6151433.

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