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Authentic designer table lamps from XXLhoreca online ordering

You will find them in hotels and restaurants throughout the Netherlands. The table lamps of XXLhoreca come from reputable suppliers such as Saro and AVS, no standard Ikea lights so! Our table lamps and floor lamps are characterized by attention to detail and durable materials. The table lamp series Zenjoy example of great class when it comes to authentic design elements inserted into a stylish and modern way. But also a remarkable Hinto floor lamp of Zenjoy in any hospitality environment pleasing to the eye. Using wooden mounts in combination with beautiful lampshades create this table and floor lamps a cozy atmosphere in any catering establishment.  

The designer table lamps XXLhoreca be delivered within 48 hours under favorable warranty conditions. Moreover, you benefit directly from the big discounts on our whole lamp range. Your discount can be as high as 20%. To order larger series it is wise to contact our customer service.

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