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Premium quality coffee machines XXLhoreca

A true professional coffee need for your restaurant or café or a compact copy for home? Choose from a variety of premium quality coffee machines XXLhoreca. We offer renowned brands such as Diamond, Bartscher and Kitchen Line for making the most delicious cups of coffee, expresso and cappuccino. Machines where each Baristo fine with the feet can. An American group two coffee Diamond has absolutely everything for the professional hospitality environment. With a hot water boiler capacity of approximately 11 liters, this is a machine with a very high capacity. But it obviously does not scale. You will find XXLhoreca also the regular stainless steel coffee machine for home use.

What to think of a three-group coffee machine like the Bartscher Coffee Line G3 plus? With its four boilers and a maintenance indicator, this is also a very professional coffee machine. All our coffee machines you will receive a minimum warranty of 1 year. You will find every coffee a technical definition. Also, you can contact our customer service by calling 075-6151433 if you're looking for a special coffee for your catering company.

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