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XXLhoreca provides professional butcher chopping blocks and blocks for the hospitality industry

Very strong chopping blocks and chopping blocks of butchers-XXLhoreca
It is the workbench for any professional chef, the chopping block or so to the "butcher-chopping block. With chopping blocks Hendi and Diamond ensures that you prepare food on a strong and stable surface. And even if you do not want equal boning quite a few kilos of meat, also for private, these butchers chopping blocks and chopping blocks-compact, stable and durable. You will find XXLhoreca chopping blocks in beech, acacia as well as whole scratch-resistant plastics such as polyethylene.

Meat-chopping blocks and chopping blocks for preparation of meat and vegetables
For each height XXLhoreca does have a handy chopping block for you in the assortment. Some chopping blocks have a strong stainless steel frame so that they can take many years. Moreover, our butchers-chopping blocks are sometimes an adjustable foot, so you can adapt them at your own height or counter height. These include chopping blocks are used in the meat processing industry and professional butchers. There are a number of technical requirements which must have a butcher's chopping block. Not least the chopping block must withstand considerable impact forces; exceptional wear resistance and scratch resistance of a butcher's chopping block, or chopping block can only be achieved through the application of high-grade wood and plastics. In XXLhoreca choose from a wide range of chopping blocks and butchers-chopping blocks. We also have separate chopping blocks, which you can attach to a surface. Some chopping blocks and slagershakblokken of XXLhoreca have a warranty of no less than 2 years. Select your chopping block or butcher chopping block and get the item within 48 hours already.  

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