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High-quality all-rounders - Rational combi ovens you order online at XXLhoreca

Looking for a multifunctional combi ovens for cooking, steaming or braising dishes? The versatile and solid Rational combi ovens are you sure you do an energy efficient and sustainable investment. Powerful steam boilers, excellent grease and over a hundred special steam, grill and cooking programs, these combis used for any hospitality environment. All of this combined team equipment Rational comes with the maximum supplier warranty of 1 year.

The Rational combi steamer SCC101E - 10 x 1 / 1GN has heaps of cooking functions and associated programs. The SelfCookingCenter® 5Senses® is the world's only intelligent cooking system with five senses. The number of smart sensors is simply lost count. Within this combi steamer everything is measured to ensure the perfect result for vegetables, poultry, meat or fish dishes. Complicated inside but very clear and easy to operate from outside. The bright display quickly guides you through the various options.

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