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Beste klant. Ook tijdens het COVID-19 virus blijven wij leveren. Wel moet u rekening houden met een eventuele vertraging door de extra grenscontroles en beperkte beschikbaarheid bij onze bezorgdiensten. Alvast bedankt voor uw begrip.

Only brands pizza ovens to order online XXLhoreca

Pizza ovens, both electric and gas ovens are convenient helpers of any restaurant or any pizzaria. This pizza ovens are compact designed and have well-tested furnace systems. Take advantage of our solid discounts on all our pizza ovens! They are made by reputable brands like Diamond and Bartscher. You order from us both single and double pizza ovens with a safe heat-resistant casing and easy operation.

The single pizza ovens of XXLhoreca are available with maximum furnace capacity of no less than nine pizzas. Bartscher example, has a very compact model in which you can prepare these numbers quickly and easily. With double pizza ovens you get an even higher capacity, eg 2 x 8 pizzas at the same time. All our pizza ovens are delivered within 48 hours and can be ordered with favorable warranty.

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