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KitchenAid catering equipment and kitchen robots XXLhoreca

KitchenAid catering equipment, kitchen robots and gadgets that are for sale at XXLhoreca, are renowned among professionals by the clever and beautifully designed and easy to handle equipment parts.




The brand name alone is very appropriate. For any large or small job in the kitchen KitchenAid does have a handy tool for you ready. In XXLhoreca will find not only useful gadgets KitchenAid, but also powerful kitchen robots that can be used in larger hospitality environment.  




For mixing all kinds of ingredients are the KitchenAid food processor robots indispensable. With this equipment you can prepare a wide range of dishes, from fresh pasta and fruit juice into cake dough and ice. All KitchenAid food processors are ergonomically designed and offer excellent performance.  




Next to the kitchen robots, you can also contact XXLhoreca for various KitchenAid components such as sausages vulhulpstukken, auxiliary components for the preparation of ice cream or a convenient meat grinder. All KitchenAid articles XXLhoreca come standard with a minimum warranty of 1 year and be within 72 hours to any address supplied in the Netherlands.


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