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The complete range of induction equipment XXLhoreca

Some people still swear by Tradional cooking gas, others never want to work on anything other than induction equipment. An induction plate has the advantage that it is safer, the plate quickly cools again and one can not burn to flame or open fire. Another advantage of induction equipment is that, for example, to keep induction hobs are easy to clean and that they heat only there where it is needed. Induction cooking can also be a lot more efficient although that is still a matter of debate among chastened professionals. At XXLhoreca will find all kinds of equipment and accessories that induction cooking is easy. In addition to our induction hobs and induction woks, you can also contact us for special induction hobs and beautiful induction installation equipmentfrom reputable brands and suppliers. Both the home and professional catering environment has XXLhoreca everything in the field of induction at home!

Our induction equipment comes standard with a minimum of one year manufacturer's warranty and is available within 48 hours throughout the Netherlands. Take advantage of our attractive discounts on our induction equipment, rebates which can be as high as 20% !!!

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