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Professional indoor grills and panini grills XXLhoreca

Sandwiches, waffles or a delicious panini sandwich: the special indoor grills and panini grills XXLhoreca ensure that you serve your customers quickly and customized.

With us choose in grill technique known brands, including brands Bartscher and CaterChef who have developed the most convenient and ergonomic features in each contact grill and panini grill. Safe to keep in use, easy to clean and convenient to operate, which are essentially the contact grill selection you would expect from XXLhoreca.

Maximum grill fun with the kitchen of XXLhoreca
Comfortably grill and then be able to quickly clean the contact grill, for this you need indoor grills that are carefully designed and offer something more than the fast sandwich grill. A
CaterChef contact grill for example, cast iron griddles and a robust stainless steel housing, which makes cleaning easier. The double contact grill offers even more capacity. While you get a sandwich from one contact grill holder, you can refill the other right.

Additionally XXLhoreca has several paninigrills superior quality with enough space for the longer rolls and a thermostat that increase is up to 300 degrees. At XXLhoreca you are always good on grill area, even if you are just looking for a flat contact grill or a ridged strong.

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