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Order hot-air ovens and convection ovens at XXLhoreca

XXLhoreca offers hot-air ovens of well-known manufacturers, divided into two categories: hot-air ovens and convection ovens, and hot-air ovens with steam function or moisture injection.

All our hot-air ovens are selected based on proven quality, the most efficient energy usage and the use of the most modern oven technology. Our hot-air ovens with steam function are suitable for effortless blanching, cooking, steaming, drying and cooking.

Each groothoreca kitchen needs a hot air oven to prepare, grill or keep food warm. A baking oven or bread oven is again essential for professional bakeries and must have the right capacity. At XXLhoreca you will find all sorts of varieties of hot-air ovens of well-known brands, ovens of different sizes and all selected to the most stringent catering requirements of this time. Of a large Saro or UNOX steam oven or a somewhat smaller hot air oven from Bartscher which is also very useful for the smaller kitchen.

Within 48 hours you can have a new Diamond hot air oven and on a Bartscher hot air oven you get 1 year warranty and 1 year on all parts.

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