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Take advantage of great discounts on all Pitco fryers XXLhoreca

Looking for a durable and compact deep fryer for your hospitality under protection? At XXLhoreca you take both gas fryers and electric fryers known Pitco fryer manufacturer. You have to XXLhoreca choose from a wide range based on capacity and content. The robust and solid quality and the ease of these fryers sure can be ordered appropriate Pitco fryer for any small or large catering company. Take advantage of the solid high discounts on all Pitco fryers presented below!

The Gas Milivolt fryer from the Pitco Economy series offers a afbakcapaciteit of 45 kg per hour and 16 to 18 kg of oil capacity. The entire housing is made of solid stainless steel plating and adjustable feet ensure stability on any surface. In this Pitco Fryer you can order separately a filter, it is built or standard in many other Pitco Fryer. All fryers of Pitco brand are naturally delivered with high XXLkorting and the maximum vendor warranty.

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