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The best brands induction fryers order from XXLhoreca

Take advantage of the substantial discounts on all induction fryers XXLhoreca! Unlike regular deep fryers, an induction fryer one big advantage, the heat is used much more focused. Induction fryers are known for efficient heat transfer and they are therefore often more economical to use. At XXLhoreca you can order online all kinds of induction fryers of the most chastened hospitality brands and vendors. Quality at an attractive price.

Our Hendi induction 8 liter fryer is very accurately set and has an easy to use control panel. With a capacity of 8 liters and a convenient drain tap, you get a high quality induction fryer house designed for the long term. All induction fryers XXLhoreca is the maximum standard manufacturer's warranty. Order your induction fryer and we will ensure that the device is already within 48 hours when you are in the kitchen.

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