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The best tabletop fryer or deep fryer with stand can be found at XXLhoreca

At XXLhoreca you will find a huge range of high quality fryers of the most renowned brands, as well tafelmodelen fryers with a sturdy adjustable mounts in a solid stainless steel housing.

Whether you are looking for an economical electric fryer, a professional gas fryer with or without a stand or a specific bakery or visfriteuse, XXLhoreca has all the renowned brands fryers house. Make your choice depending on price and quality and think about the place of your fryer and whether it should be easily transportable.                         

Safety, ergonomics and durability are the prerequisites for a well design fryer. For gas or electricity is both what to say, it is questionable what in your kitchen the best. Besides the standard fryer can be found at XXLhoreca also several models specifically designed fryers for example, frying fish.

All our fryers are made of stainless steel and other easy to clean materials. Choose and select a fryer that suits your hospitality environment.  

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