Buy food dryer online at XXLhoreca?

Food dryers

The best way to reduce the moisture content in a dish is by means of a drying oven. But also the longer fresh and available fish or herbs such as parsley can be realized quickly with a drying oven. At XXLhoreca you will find various drying ovens that are tested as best and made of smart materials such as ABS. This plastic is light, heat-insulating and easy to keep clean. The lightweight housing makes it easier to move the oven if necessary.

The drying ovens of XXLhoreca have a large capacity and are equipped with various grates on which you can spread your dishes. They have user-friendly digital control and adjustable temperature control. Food drying ovens with an ABS housing can be ordered at XXLhoreca with the maximum manufacturer's warranty and can be delivered to any address in the Netherlands within 72 hours.

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