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The complete range of catering cookers XXLhoreca

Quality Stoves for the professional hospitality industry - gas, electric or ceramic
Looking for an A-brand hospitality stove? At XXLhoreca you will find a wide range of ovens for professional catering environment, piece by piece from approved suppliers. With brands such as Diamond and Bartscher, order cooker the best technology currently available on the market. For both gas and electricity and ceramic cookers, please contact us. Stylish and highly ergonomic design, beautiful details in stainless steel and aluminum, tabletop gas stoves, tabletop electric ranges and of course the big stoves with oven !!

Cookers with four or eight cores, with a ceramic hob and cooker with an open base, we have everything in-house to be tailor-made service. All our catering cookers come with attractive warranty conditions and substantial discounts. Within 48 hours, you have the stove at home already. View all our categories cookers!

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