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Excellence churros machines you order online at XXLhoreca

Do you stand tasty Spanish churros on the map and look for a convenient yet churros machine to accelerate the preparation? The high churros machines XXLhoreca you can be sure the job is done in no time! With associated molds and ergonomic design, these are the devices that you as a professional chef churros need. Each churros machine after order quickly in your home!

Besides churros equipment, order also XXLhoreca special churros gas fryer , a handy device if you need extra capacity fryer. Of course you can make this fryer of all; falafels, donuts, chakli, fafda, french fries, bunuelos idiyappam, paarebesan, canutillos, crisp spiral snacks and more! Order your churros machine and take advantage of attractive discounts XXLhoreca!

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Churros Machine 1.5 kg
€720,00 €600,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 48/72 uur
Churros Machine - Automatic doser for Churros - Includes Wall Mount - 4.5 kg
€2.100,00 €1.750,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 48/72 uur
fryer | gas | 22 Liter | 25,6kW | For Churros | 80x90x (h) 85cm
€5.400,00 €4.500,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 24/48 uur