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Order cheese shavings online at XXLhoreca

Looking for a handy cheese rasp for your kitchen? At XXLhoreca you will find various types of rasps from well-known suppliers. With a cheese rasp of Bartscher or a mozzarella rasp you can complete dishes in a short time. The XXLhoreca cheese rags are made of high quality stainless steel and other durable materials so you can use your cheese rasp for a long time. The mozzarella rasp delivers even 50 kg of cheese flakes per hour. Perhaps something too fast for the average hobby kitchen but definitely to be placed in the professional kitchen kitchen where many pasta dishes are prepared!  

By default, all XXLhoreca cheese grinders have a minimum 1 year warranty. Within 48 hours, these items are available throughout the Netherlands.

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Cheese Grater Machine for Hard Cheese | 1.3 Liter | 1400 TPM
€420,00 €350,00
  • Garantie: 2 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 1-2 Werkdagen
Cheese grater 40 kg Per Hour | 230V | 250x290x (H) 290mm
€506,00 €421,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 1 tot 2 Weken
Cheese Grater machine Santos - cheese grater
€569,00 €495,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 1-2 Werkdagen
Grate mozzarella PRO
€770,00 €657,00
  • Garantie: 1 jaar
  • Delivery time: 1-3 Werkdagen
Cheese grater 140 kg Per Hour | 230V | 420x320x (H) 440mm
€879,00 €732,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 1 tot 2 Weken