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Ceramic plates of XXLhoreca for years of baking fun

Baking with ceramic plates from XXLhoreca has its advantages. Especially for smaller hospitality environment, a compact ceramic tray are a godsend. This type of tray usually stays long on temperature and of course having the ceramic tray never be connected to gas.

Moreover, such a ceramic tray is very easy to clean. What reasons you have to ceramic firing, XXLhoreca offers several convenient models of famous brands such as Unox.

'Canny' ceramic plates for any hospitality environment

Our Unox ceramic tray is a very compact model griddle and is easy to operate. The tray itself is easy to release from the chassis. This ceramic tray has a receptacle for fat and even a model available with two independent heating zones. Ceramic baking becomes so much easier and also allows you to move this type of equipment easier and take them to another location.

Each ceramic tray of XXLhoreca come with a minimum one-year warranty and is available to every address in the Netherlands.


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